Introducing…The Pilot Pick-Up Tournament!

This is a mini-tournament I have created where participants can voice which pilots they think will be picked up to series. I have provided links below to all the pilots currently in development by ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX, and NBC. If you wish to participate, please fill out the below form including your username and answers. Here is how the scoring will work:


-Three points for sucessfully predicting if the show will premiere in the fall, midseason, or summer.

-Two points will be added for each pilot you successfully predict will be picked up.

-One point will be deducted for each pilot you predict will be picked up that is not picked up.

-One point will be deducted for each pilot that gets picked up that you did not predict.

Remember that midseason and summer shows still count in the current pilot season, so if you and the network both decide to pick up the same show and it does not make it on the fall schedule, it still counts!


The winner will get the opportunity to write his/her article of choice for the site so long that it is topic-related.


The pilot season will not be finished until up-fronts, and therefore the deadline for a submission is not until Friday, May 1 (submissions allowed on that day too).
If you want even more of a challenge, I am debating creating a concurring mock schedule tournament as well.




4 thoughts on “Introducing…The Pilot Pick-Up Tournament!

    • The winners along with everyone’s responses (or at least how many points they got) will be posted on the main page mid-May, when it is confirmed which pilots will be picked up.

      Thanks for participating!


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