As of now, The TV Ratings Guide is more or less a one person site, spare for two articles. Despite the end of the season approaching, I would like to see if this site can grow, both in material and traffic. As such, I am reaching out to you readers to see it anyone is interested in sporadically volunteering—I promise it wouldn’t be a time commitment, some of my articles only take 10-20 minutes to write.

I am especially looking for ratings analysis and possibly show reviews, but all ideas are welcome. If interested, please leave a comment below. Thanks!!


13 thoughts on “HELP WANTED!!

  1. I could pitch in, and I would be happy to contribute to this site. I feel like I would be horrible at show reviews. I can distinguish the quality of a show, but I wouldn’t be able to analyze the aspects of the show for a review. Not to mention, I am extremely indecisive of placing things on a scale, much less a letter grade. I could probably help with the ratings component of the site.

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    • Thanks! That’s ok if you’re not good at reviews—I personally have no experience either. I agree that it can be challenging to effectively convey one’s thoughts on paper, especially when it comes to an approach to a television series.

      If you would like, you could write ratings analysis. Else wise, I have been thinking that the site should cover the upfronts. It would basically be just a recap of what happened at the events and/or cover the highlights of the schedules. If you would like to do either of those please let me know, but keep me posted no matter what. Thanks for the continued support of my site.


      • Ah, sorry to leave you hanging. I think it would be great if you could cover the upfronts for NBC and FOX by providing the schedules and an analysis, such as which shows you think have the highest probability of succeeding and where you see them standing next fall, etc. You can take it where you want to so long as you recap/reflect on the schedule. NBC will most likely announce their schedule on Monday and FOX on Tuesday.

        Also, I set up a Blogspot today that I am planning on simultaneously running for the next couple weeks, so I can post it there as well. Thanks, good luck, and let me know if you have any problems!


  2. I believe NBC and FOX have their presentations on Monday, but NBC releases their schedule on Sunday. Wow, I can’t believe upfronts are almost here. Also, by where I see them standing next fall, do you mean the new shows or the shows in general, and do you mean like actual ratings predictions. How do I get the article to you?
    I like the idea of the Blogspot because I just prefer the navigation on it. WordPress looks better to me, but I feel like Blogspot is easier to browse through. What is the Blogspot?

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    • Blogspot is the blog service that Google acquired. I am experimenting with it mainly because of Disqus and Google Analytics, but I agree with you about WordPress. Regardless of the direction of the site it will still be the same content.

      I can’t believe upfronts are almost here either—kind of nervous (will the networks give us curveballs or play it so safe that it disappoints our creative minds?). As far as your article goes and saying where the networks will stand, I basically mean strength of schedule, what you feel they did right and wrong, how you see the shows doing (you don’t have to get too specific). Let me know if this is ok and/or if you need more clarification.


      • I meant your site, but I found it. Another good thing about Blogspot is Disqus which is superior to the WordPress system.
        Yes, that is okay with me.

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    • Probably to an extent, since summer is definitely not as interesting in the television ratings industry as the rest of the year is. I think the focus may be more on discussion questions and reviews, maybe renew/cancel predictions for the summer shows, though it is all still hard to say. I think it will definitely continue, though.


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