ABC 2015-2016 Fantasy Schedule—4/20/15

Disclaimer: The new shows listed in the schedule ARE NOT guarantees of the shows which will ultimately be picked up to series unless otherwise specified. 


My Goal: Have a night full of female-led dramas to counter cable and football.

7-America’s Funniest Home Videos.  Cheap comedy filler that isn’t going anywhere.  I would fully endorse a Tuesday or Friday move, but alas Sunday at 7 is considered primetime for the sake of CBS and FOX.
8-Once Upon A Time
9-RunnerThe story of a woman whose perfect life is destroyed by a “simple twist of fate.” Her attempt to expose the truth will send her on a journey through the illegal gun trade between the United States and Mexico. I think this show has potential, so I slid it up from 10, where I originally had it, to air after Once Upon A Time. 
10-Nashville. I had wanted to put this after Dancing with the Stars, but Castle does not look strong enough for a move. Also, two new shows on Sundays, especially this time slot, would probably not be the best option.

My Goal: Pair up two music-oriented shows, and I don’t think DWTS can or should launch a new show.

8-Dancing With The Stars


8-The Middle. Being my favorite show, it is so hard for me to decide where I want the show, and where ABC should probably put it despite my tastes. Part of me wants to say Friday, as it could start a successful little one-hour single cam comedy block. Another part of me says to keep it on Wednesdays, as ABC will need some stability considering that FOX’s Empire will most likely move to 8pm and this show has done well at anchoring the hour for half a decade now. But in the case that Fresh Off The Boat is renewed, it will keep a companion. I don’t see them moving The Goldbergs after what happened last season, and Blackish moving could be risky. So for now, I will stick The Middle here. I may move it yet again, as this may not be my final version.
8:30-Fresh Off The Boat. ABC’s new multi cam pilot Dr. Ken looks like a very compatible partner thematically with this show, but it can not longer be considered an anchor. My main problem with this Middle~FOTB block, though, is probably the fact that doing so would require both comedies to change time slots, something that could be risky as for all we know, The Middle is a time slot hit.
9-Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.  There needs to be some stability, and like last year, I think SHIELD will be the only show to stay on the same nightu
10-Quantico. It centers on a group of young FBI recruits, all with specific reasons for joining, who battle their way through training at the Quantico base in Virginia. As the show intercuts between their hidden pasts and their present training, it also flashes forward to the near future, where one of the recruits will turn out to be a sleeper terrorist responsible for the most devastating terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. Many suspect it is male-oriented, so it may provide for a solid paring with its lead-in. 


My Goal: Create a true comedy night with the inclusion of a dramedy at 10.

8-The Goldbergs.  It’s undoubtedly getting to syndication, and now it’s needed as an anchor. Since Tuesdays wouldn’t work, they would most definitely move it here if they want it to anchor. Doing so could be risky, considering that statistical chances are high it would drop about one to two tenths in this harder time slot. Although I would much rather see The Middle in this spot, ABC can’t put four well-rated comedies on one night and then use the throw everything against a wall and see what sticks strategy for the rest.
8:30-KnoxvilleNarrated by Johnny Knoxville and based on his life, it follows the exploits of 12-year-old Johnny navigating the “outlaw culture” of his family and small hometown of Knoxville, TN, and documents the childhood experiences that inspired him to become one of the greatest pranksters of a generation. Single-camera comedy that is currently part of the pilot season, unlike the Ali Wentworth project which will most likely not go through despite being on my schedule throughout development season. Honestly, my only reservation about this one is the name—don’t confuse it with Nashville! It has been flying under the radar for the most part, so this is probably the pilot on my schedule with the least chance of getting ordered to series—just a warning.
9-Modern Family.  Always has been there, why mess with it? Wednesday average would be significantly less without it.
9:30-Blackish.  The show is too unstable to move at this point, and would most likely collapse without its Modern Family lead-in. Unless they find something they have more faith in to the extent of willing to sacrifice the show, I don’t think Blackish is moving.
10-Mix. an hour-long dramedy about several modern families — including “multi-cultural, multi-generational and those built through divorces, affairs and adoptions” — set against a family restaurant “at a crossroads.” This is a dramedy a la Ugly Betty and I think that’s what ABC needs to do here.  It *could* lose out to American Marriage though based solely on production companies.


My Goal: Keep Shondaland/TGIT intact. 

8-Grey’s Anatomy
10-How to Get Away with Murder. Why mess with these three shows if you don’t have to?  


I just can’t figure out Fridays. Do they keep Last Man Standing despite the low ratings, production company, and cost? Do they give up on multi cams and focus on the single cams, which would require The Middle to move? Do they take the easy way out and just plug in Beyond The Tank at 9, with Shark Tank at 8? There are so many different factors, and it all depends on which bubble shows are renewed and which are not. 

8-Last Man Standing
8:30-Dr. Ken. About Ken Jeong, who is trying to juggle medical work, parenting, and being a good husband, while succeeding at none of them. It would continue the diversity trend left my a lack of Cristela (which is probably what ABC would like to market, but more importantly it is a multi cam and sounds good to most who have watched The Middle, Fresh Off The Boat, or Trophy Wife.
9-Shark Tank. 


8-Fresh Off the Boat. They finally have a comedy working here!
8:30-Dr. Ken. About Ken Jeong, who is trying to juggle medical work, parenting, and being a good husband, while succeeding at none of them. It’s a multi-cam, but is about an Asian-American comedy with the amazingly talented Albert Tsai. I would like to see it get a chance
9-SHIELD.  There needs to be some stability, and like last year, I think SHIELD will be the only show to stay on the same night
10-Castle. It’s aired post-DWTS long enough, has more than enough episodes in syndication.  Best case scenario: fixes the death slot.  Worst case: gets cancelled after eight seasons.  Fans can’t complain it wasn’t enough.


Of Kings and Prophets, which spins a Biblical tale about a king, a prophet and a shepherd, all of whom are “on a collision course with destiny.”  To take the place during Once Upon A Time’s bridge.

Smoke and Mirrorsgutsy female forensic accountant who exposes fraud for a living and has finally found fulfillment both at work and in love until a case comes along that threatens to turn her world upside down. Shonda’s fourth show. Assuming it is picked up, it could be put after Scandal once How to Get Away with Murder ends for the season, which would make more sense thematically. However, they could also put it on Sunday by a financial standpoint and try to bring success back to that 9-11 block. Formerly titled The Catch


12 thoughts on “ABC 2015-2016 Fantasy Schedule—4/20/15

  1. I always thought Nashville should go to Sunday at 10 because it’s a low priority slot, and it is getting a syndication season. I feel uncomfortable about launching a new show at Sunday 10pm because a. two new shows in a row b. Sunday 10pm is a really bad place to launch a new show ex. Betrayal, Red Widow, 666 Park Avenue, Pan Am. Looking at the 10pm slots up for grabs next season: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Wednesday should definitely be used to launch a new show like Mix or American Marriage that fits the whole night. Tuesday would be an okay place to launch a new show, but none of the pilots seem to fit the young, male audience of SHIELD. That leaves Sunday and Monday where Monday would be the better slot. It seems better to give priority to a new show than a show that’s probably gone after the season. I’d say Nashville and Castle go in some combination in the Tuesday and Sunday slots.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I left American Marriage out because it appears it never made it past development, though I personally thought it looked more intriguing than Mix.

      Runner has gotten a lot of hype, but I could be getting ahead of myself with it launching another new show.

      I used to think that SHIELD could move to Sunday but others have pointed out it may not stand a chance against cable.


  2. I love this schedule and I hope ABC can take note, especially of its Tuesday and Wednesday night blocks.

    I’m not so sure about Sunday nights though. I’m almost sure ABC will renew Revenge (to my dismay) because somehow, someone there thinks that is still a good show, so I don’t know where that will fit into the schedule.

    Other than that, I can’t wait to see more Fantasy Schedules here! Do a CBS one, maybe? 😀

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    • I’m still not so sure myself about moving The Middle to Friday, and especially picking up Chev and Bev. Pending contractual negotiations, Last Man Standing still has a chance for renewal.

      I wouldn’t mind ditching the Friday comedies for a two-hour Tuesday block, but then you have to make the decision of where to put SHIELD.


      • Oh my god, Last Man Standing is still on the air? Seriously?! I don’t know if you watch or love this show, but I seriously HATED it (season 1, I’m talking). I saw like 3 episodes and couldn’t stand it. Made me so furious that shows like that even made it to production while Trophy Wife gets cancelled (sorry, still not over that).

        Same goes for FOX when they cancelled Enlisted after a very short yet FANTASTIC first season (if you haven’t seen that show yet, please do!).

        Liked by 1 person

      • Last Man Standing moved to Friday after its first season, maybe that’s why you didn’t know it was still on. No, I don’t watch the show, but I share your pain about Trophy Wife!

        I’ve been encouraged to check out Enlisted a handful of times before but just haven’t had time. I’ll have to try to watch some one weekend. Despite never seeing it I still don’t understand its scheduling—I mean, putting it Friday at 9:30 behind Raising Hope (which was only renewed for syndication) while they had shows like Dads still running on a Tuesday? By the sounds of it I would have scheduled it at 8:30 on Tuesday, sliding Brooklyn 9-9 up to 8 instead of back to 9:30. Even if it didn’t improve drastically, it would be better than the what, 0.6s it was doing on Friday?

        And it would be one thing if equally good shows were put in the time slots we wished the above shows were in, but instead we were given clunkers like Super Fun Night, Mixology, and Dads (no offense if you liked any).


      • I hated both Dads and Super Fun Night (and thankfully so did the whole world) but never checked out Mixology.

        Enlisted was SOO unfairly treated, left to die on Fridays. To me, it has the exact same tone and sense of humor as Brooklyn 99 so YES putting them together would have been a GENIUS move. They both premiered at the same year so it’s kind of annoying how 99 ended up being a huge hit (I do love that show btw) but Enlisted, which is VERY similar, ended up dying like that. They even burned off the final few episodes months later.

        There was absolutely no marketing for Enlisted. That’s another thing that annoyed me. 99 had HUGE advertising. It’s just really sad, because I had gotten so attached to Enlisted. Especially after we were given some hope with TBS or USA possibly picking it up, but that didn’t work.

        The writer is so amazing and very active on Twitter, always responds to fans’ tweets and stuff. There really was a nice “fandom” for us Enlisted fans.


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