The CW 2015-2016 Fantasy Schedule—2/15/15

DISCLAIMER: This schedule presumes that iZombie will be renewed and Cheerleader Death Squad will get a series order. Neither of those have happened as of this publishing, thus why this is only a Fantasy Schedule.


8-Cheerleader Death Squad. The show is produced only by CBS Studios, which is arguably not doing enough in the partnership between them and Warner Brothers. With the prospect of The CW folding after spring 2016, it may be wise to only premiere one new show, and make it the one CBS-produced.
9-Jane the Virgin. Although I originally scheduled this for Friday, that was before all the Golden Globe love and sub sequential bump. I think keeping it here will provide stability and decent ratings to the night.


8-The Flash
9-iZombie. This could be very compatible with The Flash being a DC Comics show, and therefore I think it has a chance for returning and keeping its prime time slot.


9-Supernatural. The show can seemingly survive anywhere, but enough is enough when it comes to moves. Keep it here after the midseason move.


8-The Vampire Diaries
9-The Originals. It is The Vampire Diaries’ spin-off, after all.


8-Whose Line is It Anyway
8:30-Masters of Illusion
9-America’s Next Top Model . Although I originally scheduled a scripted show here, it may not be wise for The CW to do so (plus the particular show I put there did not get picked up to pilot).

Midseason: The 100 (spackle for first failed show—could be Cheerleader Death Squad, could be a low-rated returning show), Hart of Dixie (Friday at 8)

Summer: Reign, Beauty and the Beast, Penn and Teller: Fool Us, another cycle of Whose Line is it Anyway


4 thoughts on “The CW 2015-2016 Fantasy Schedule—2/15/15

  1. I’m not sure about Masters of Illusion because WLIA repeats could probably do better. I’m also not sure about CW only premiering one fall show because usually they premiere 2. But everything else, I agree with.

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