Prediction for Empire

Network: FOX 
Time: Wednesday, March 18 at 8/7c
Genre: Musical Soap Drama
Duration: 120 minutes (including commercials)
Theme: A father with two years to live must decide which of his three sons will take over his record label company, all while his ex-wife tries to get revenge herself.
Lead-in: None
Lead-out: None
Broadcast Competition: Survivor, Supermatural
Pros: It’s the highest-rated show on briadcast television right now, and has grown in the ratings every week except for one. It premiered to a massive 3.8, and last week hit a 5.8. And to think it rose this much over the course of just ten episodes! Even more awareness for the show has come recently, with its newly-released album hitting #1 on iTunes, two iTunes hit singles, and televised appearances of the cast members.
Cons: Can’t think of too many.
PREDICTION for Empire, 8/7c: 5.8
PREDICTION for Empire, 9/8c: 6.4
PREDICTION for Empire: 6.2 (combining hourly ratings do NOT necessarily lead to one finding the actual rating, so a 6.2 is indeed possible with those hourly ratings).

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