Prediction for iZombie and Supernatural


Network: The CW
Time: Tuesday, February 17 at 9/8c
Genre: DC Comics Drama, Horror Dramedy (as paradoxical as that may sound)
Duration: 60 minutes (including commercials)
Theme: About a medical resident whose life changes when she attends an actual zombie party. Based loosely after the comics of the same name.
Lead-in: The Flash
Lead-out: None
Broadcast Competition: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Undateable (SEASON PREMIERE), One Big Happy (SERIES PREMIERE)
Pros: The CW definately sees potential in the series, as do critics, by giving it their highest-rated and arguably most compatible show as a lead-in. Both the zombie theme and the television adaptions of DC Comics are in demand now.
Cons: It most likely will share an audience with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, which may or may not hurt the show (fans will have to watch one or the other live). 
PREDICTION for iZombie: 1.2
Network: The CW
Time: Wednesday, February 18 at 9/8c
Genre: Horror/Action Drama
Duration: 60 minutes (including commercials)
Theme: Follows two brothers who are on a mission to fught supernatural figures.
Lead-in: Arrow
Lead-out: None
Broadcast Competition: Empire (SEASON FINALE), Survivor
Pros: Definately The CW’s most stable (and oldest) show, with fans following it to countless different time slots. Think: Bones.
Cons: It must now face the two-hour season finale of Empire, broadcast’s highest-rated show by a long shot. It is not anticipated that the two share an audience, but still something may be lost in translation with the time slot move. Personally, I would have had it on rerun for a week, THEN gave it its Wednesday premiered on the 25th.

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