Prediction for the Two and a Half Men Finale Rating—UPDATED 2/20

Network: CBS

Time: Thursday, February 19 from 9-10

Genre: Multi-camera Sitcom

Duration: 60 Minutes

Lead-in: The Odd Couple (Series Premiere)

Lead-out: Elementary

Competition: Scandal, The Blacklist, Backstrom, Reign

Pros: It’s the series finale, and usually such an episode sees a bug surge in the ratings when it has been going on as long as this show has been. It has a series premiere as its lead-in, which also typically receives high ratings, especially when it premieres out of The Big Bang Theory. Also, it is rumored that Charlie Sheen will make an appearance.

Cons: The show itself has not seen too positive reviews lately, and ratings have taken a huge hit from its prime (although they are still good). There has been little to no boost in the ratings due to people recognizing that the series is coming to a close.

I could be way off here, but keep in mind just last year the finale of How I Met Your Mother jumped from a 2.7 from one of its last episodes to a 5.4 for its finale, and as legendary of a series as that was, Two and a Half Men is even more. In perspective, a 6.0 is actually relatively low compared to the 10.9 rating that it received just three and a half years ago for a half-hour episode of Ashton Kutcher’s debut. I’ve never watched the show, and even I plan on watching it, and since others probably feel the same I am confident that the finale will see a large boost.

As I mentioned in the analysis, my prediction was way off. Sorry! A series finale is usually very hard to predict, yet the majority of predictions I have seen were on target. Look out for another prediction and poll coming in upcoming days—there are endless possibilities!


10 thoughts on “Prediction for the Two and a Half Men Finale Rating—UPDATED 2/20

  1. BTW, the penultimate episode of HIMYM was 3.5 unless you meant its season low. I just don’t see TAHM being that high. If it doubled it season low, it would be a 3.8. HIMYM’s finale was up 54% from the penultimate, and if that happens for TAHM, it would be around a 3.6. I would guess a 3.7 which is a pretty big jump from what it has been doing. I could be wrong because of how big it spiked for the Ashton Kutcher episode.


    • My bad, I did my research and the 2.7 was for an episode a few airings before. I will go back and make that clarification now!

      My only reasoning for my prediction is that Two and a Half Men’s ratings in its heyday was stronger than How I Met Your Mother’s, so people may be even more curious to find out what happens in the end. My prediction is one of the highest I’ve seen though :).


      • If it did a 6, then it would be the first time in a long time since three (or four including TWD) shows were above a 4. Plus, it would probably dethrone Empire unless Empire hits above a 6! That would be pretty crazy if it does.


      • True. You have SNL 40 and The Walking Dead already above a 4 for this week’s ratings, Empire and The Big Bang Theory will most likely do the same, and that would be amazing if a fifth show did such a number as well!

        I have no clue how much the finale has been promoted, but I will personally be surprised if it does less than a 4. I know Charlie Sheen is rumored to be coming back, do you know anything about Angus Jones? Having at least one of them will surely drag in some old fans—the question is how many. I mean, the show has done over a 10.0, yet I believe at one point last year it had at least one airing in the mid 1s.


      • My prediction is a 2.7, which may be low as it is only half of a typical rating of The Big Bang Theory. I do strongly believe though that it will follow a similar trajectory as The Millers did—meaning it’s pretty much impossible to fail at first, but move it away from its monster lead-in and the ratings finally start to correlate with the bad reviews, prompting it to be pulled from the schedule. CBS in general is very unpredictable tonignt, so I am very eager to see what the actual numbers will be.

        Any suggestions as to which show I should poll next?


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