Prediction for the Premiere of The Night Shift—UPDATED

Network: NBC
Time: Monday, February 23 at 10pm
Genre: Medical Drama
Duration: 1 hour (including commercials)
Theme: Depicts the lives of the characters, who work at a hospital on the night shift.
Lead-in: The Voice (SEASON PREMIERE)
Lead-out: None
Broadcast Competition: NCIS: LA, Castle
Pros: It has The Voice as a lead-in, which always premieres very high and should again with the return of Christina Aguilera. It has seen proper promotion and will most definitely grow from its summer numbers (in with a 1.6, out with a 1.1). Last year’s midseason premiere of The Voice was a 4.7, and this fall’s was a still-high 3.9.
Cons: The show is essentially a summer show starting its second season in NBC’s cushiest time slot simply because they have nothing else left. Although the aforementioned numbers are okay for summer, keep in mind that it had America’s Got Talent as its lead-in, summer’s #1 show, and lost almost half of its lead-in for the finale. Also, having The Voice as a lead-in does not guarantee success.

PREDICTION for The Voice: 3.5
PREDICTION for The Night Shift: 2.1

ACTUAL RATING for The Voice: 4.1. Such a high rating for The Voice is to be expected and it should remain as one of the highest-rated shows throughout the rest of this season’s run.

ACTUAL RATING for The Night Shift: 1.5. Such a rating out of such a lead-in is almost unheard of. And I thought my prediction was pessimistic!

Stay tuned for my next in-depth prediction—The Goldbergs!


2 thoughts on “Prediction for the Premiere of The Night Shift—UPDATED

  1. “Shos”? I didn’t expect TNS to go this low until the 3rd episode. Are you doing the Charlie Sheen episode for Goldbergs? I remembered seeing some promotion on the Oscars.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for catching the typo, I feel really bad that it happened. Hate to make excuses, but the new WordPress update has made the interface with a slower keyboard reaction time.

      Yes, I will be predicting Charlie Sheen’s episode of The Goldbergs (airing tomorrow night), which is also a spoof of Ferris Bueller’s day off.


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