So, What’s A Good Rating?

Everything so far has been abstract, so it’t time to put some perspective to the subject matter. What is interesting about the major demographic made available to the public (Adult 18-49) is that the ratings to the whole number is relatively close and a deviation of even a few tenths can affect where a show stands in its chances of renewal in relation to other shows on the network. MOST, not all, shows on all non-CW networks see ratings between a 1.0 and a 3.0—once again, being the percentage of adults in the demographic watching the program. Of course, there are exceptions, with some of the shows regularly rating above a 3.0 being Modern Family, Scandal, The Voice, The Big Bang Theory, and Empire.

It is very tough to pinpoint an exact number which decides a good ratings, as all ratings are very close whem put into perspective of a 100-point scale. However, here is how I tend to think of it, not taking into account the automatic fourth-season renewal many shows receive because of syndication:

>1.0: Disappointment, undoubtedly cancelled.

1.1-1.3: Very low-rated, but if it is cheap and/or airs on Friday, it stands a decent chance for renewal, but coukd just as likely be cancelled.

1.4-1.7: Very respectable rating, but can be considered a toss-up deoending on the network’s needs. For example, The Goldbergs was renewed by ABC last season with such numbers due to only having two comedy hits at the time, while CBS this year pulled The McCarthys off the schedule because of a stronger comedy slate.

1.8-1.9: Not the best, but the generak consensus is that unless cost gets in the way it will be renewed.

2.0-2.2: If I had to pick one range that pushes a show from likely renewal to almost-certain renewal, this would be it.

2.3-2.5: Very solid, almost always above the network’s scripted average.

2.6-2.9: Straight-out hit, no denying the show’s powers.

3.0+: Megahit


The standards are lower on The CW, being more like:

0.3-0.4: Low-rated, probably won’t make it.

0.5-0.6: More on the bubble, but if cheap enough (which it usually is), the CW will most likely opt to renew it

0.7-0.9: Renewed. Nothing to brag about, but renewed nonetheless.

1.0+: Hit for their standards, easily renewed.


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