Questions of the Week: Week of Feb 15-20

Feel free to leave your own thoughts as well in the comments below, however short or long you decide the make the answers.

1) Which veteran comedy, if any, will CBS end next season?

First, can I say that I just realized CBS ended two shows over the course of 24 hours? As far as veteran comedies go, those would be The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly, and 2 Broke Girls. Having only three, is CBS ready to actually go down to just two? We have no clue if Mom will hold up at the 9:30 slot (my guess is high 1s/low 2s), and how The Odd Couple will do in the long term. Right now, CBS only has six comedy slots open, one of which has to be filled by a regularly-scheduled rerun of The Big Bang Theory. Also, Mike & Molly provides for great spackle, quickly returning to fill in the hole left by The Millers. All I can say here is that Friends with Better Lives should have been considered for renewal, even though CBS hasn’t done that in years. So, unless one of them starts to tank, I’m not sure CBS has the strength to lose yet another veteran show.

2) With ratings on a rapid decline, should NBC move The Blacklist back to Monday next season, or do you think they are content with the current situation?

Neither. I think NBC would be foolish to move it back, because what is the point? If they did so they would have to keep it there the rest of its run because clearly it can’t stand alone, thus not allowing any other show to get a post-Voice spot (my guess next season is Shades of Blue unless they go through with Chicago Med, in which either show could get it). I also don’t think they are content with the situation at all. If they were to move it, Thursdays would go down to sub-1s.

3) What will FOX’s comedy scene look like next season?

For whatever reason I just don’t see Last Man on Earth succeeding, although I am intrigued by the concept. I would also like to see the return of animation domination, and think there may be a way to do so while still keeping Brooklyn 9-9 on Sundays—have the night start with Bob’s Burgers at 7:30, The Simpsons at 8, then Bordertown at 8:30, Family Guy at 9, and finally Brooklyn 9-9 at 9:30. I also feel that The Mindy Project will be Raising Hoped, meaning they will probably just dump it at Fridays at 9, and maybe even double up. New Girl will probably be staying where it is, which could lead out into a new comedy and get a lead-in from most likely Scream Queens.

4) Which network’s schedule for next season do you think is hardest to predict?

NBC. How will they possibly rebuild Thursday? Will they keep trying comedies out of the Voice because even that isn’t forcing people to sample them? Will they pick up a third Chicago show when frankly neither of the existing two are hits (well, maybe by the standards of NBC and The CW). I believe their scripted average is hovering among a 1.2-1.3—which is also enough probably to put them into first place for the year due to reality and sports inflation. NBC is in a state of despair (pun intended), and its hard for me to tell if stability or moving a lot of shows around will be their solution.

5) Which genre do you typically like the most (serialized drama, procedural cop show, family comedy, adult multi-cam comedy, singing competition, reality competition, animated comedy, DC show, etc.).

Single-Camera Comedy. It lets me relax, and is very entertaining. My list of shows is not too diverse, actually. The vast majority of them are ABC comedies. Also, I absolutely hate laugh tracks, as they are simply a tool to make us think something is funny—although I don’t mind it on Cristela because that show is actually funny. I mean, if a show was actually funny, why would there even be a need for a laugh track?


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