Questions of the Week: Week of February 1-6

1) Will Empire be on the fall schedule or saved for midseason again?

Personally I think that Empire will make the fall schedule, as saving it for midseason could provide for a longer time for hype to go down. Of course, FOX would hope for a full season but Taraj and the writers have been pitching for shorter seasons.

2) Is it worrisome that shows such as Gotham, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Blacklist have fallen to series lows or near series lows this week?

Grey’s Anatomy seems to be the least-hyped show in TGIT. However, I do believe that ratings will rebound a little bit, but regardless it’s amazing to think how long this show has been on for.
As for The Blacklist, I’m reminded more of the Person of Interest situation, which interestingly performed at least in the high 2s throughout most of it’s time on Thursday at 9, after a stronger-than-now Two and a Half Men. When it transitioned to Tuesday at 10, it premiered to a 2.3 and has been on somewhat of a downward trajectory ever since. Regardless, The Blacklist has been renewed for a third season, and assuming it is a full season then it will get a fourth for syndication. At this point I think NBC takes what it can get.
Gotham, meanwhile, will probably follow the path of Sleepy Hollow and The Following. The problem is, FOX shows recently seemingly have been collapsing come season two. Others come to mind as well as to shows that collapsed eventually, like New Girl and Glee. Anyways, I think next year it will give FOX acceptable ratings.

3) At this point, on what day do you think Jane the Virgin will be scheduled next season?

Personally, I think that it will stay on Monday. My reasoning wad that it was been getting much critical appeal, and has provided a time slot increase from last year, helping to improve the CW’s problematic Mondays—even for their standards, and would be wasted on Friday. It’s a far different prediction I have now then when it premiered, when I thought it was DOA.

4) What do you think about the fourth season pick up of Unforgettable by A&E, and the possibility of NBC bringing back Law & Order?

NBC will have sunk to a new low if they decide to bring back Law & Order. Don’t get me wrong, I think it would be awesome for the fans and the legacy, but they really need to come up with something original to save their network and not rely on past hits. As for Unforgettable, I have nothing to say other than congratulations to the cast, writers, creators, producers, and fans.

5) How long until Allegiance is pulled from the schedule?

I really don’t know what else NBC has, but this premiere has indications that it can’t be assumed that a show following The Blacklist will do well. Within a matter of weeks though it should see a burn off. This gets me thinking about next year, and if I was NBC I would seriously consider moving a veteran here. Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Questions of the Week: Week of February 1-6

  1. 1. I can see Empire going either way. Since most shows that aired after American Idol didn’t become successful, FOX may keep it’s AI-Empire block. But FOX may give Empire an episode number of around 16 and start it during the Fall. I wonder which slot it would go if it aired during the fall.

    3. I think Jane The Virgin will stay on Mondays. No need to move it and the schedule is already full to move it.

    4. I’m happy for unforgettable fans, but I wonder if it will do well or not. I’m not sure about Law & Order coming back. Maybe they could use it as a bridge between SVU, but I don’t see that working on NBC.

    5. Never. NBC will just bun it off there. That is unless it does super super terrible. Then SVU repeats will come to the rescue. I think they should move a veteran drama in that slot for next season also.


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