Questions of the Week: Week of February 8-13

Here are some open-ended questions of mine with answers. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below, and don’t feel the need to make your answers this long or answer all the questions if you do not want to.

1) With J.K. Simmons’ newfound name recognition, does NBC wish they renewed Growing Up Fisher?

I like it how I can bring up a show cancelled nine months ago after 13 episodes and it still be relevant today. I, for one, enjoyed Growing Up Fisher but wish it had a different time slot. It was a cute, harmless family show—I liked it, but don’t miss it, and based on how I don’t really see the name come up much in the comments I assume that is the feeling of many others. I do need to admit that Simmons made the show, as in the other actors were pretty weak—especially the daughter, but that’s a different story. It’s ratings were always better than what About A Boy has been doing in the time slot this year, and with Marry Me, A to Z, and Bad Judge all also flopping I do think that Growing Up Fisher could have gotten a second season. I would have plugged it in at Wednesday at 8 midseason followed by Undateable.

2) With the CW handing out so many renewals for shows with low ratings even for their standards, including a fourth season of Beauty and the Beast before the third even premiered, do you think the network is heading towards its financial demise? (<i>adaptation of a question from Week 4</i>)

I heard someone mention a rumor that the CW could be considering becoming a streaming-only service in the near future. I do find it a little troublesome how they have decided to renew so many shows. The optimist will say it is to give the network more exposure by programming more scripted shows year-round, while others like myself theorize that they may not be at a financial standpoint to take the risk with many new shows. I do not have any numbers as to how much of a profit they make, but regardless I can see the streaming-only rumor becoming a viable option, especially in this age where Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and now Yahoo Screen can make a name for themselves in the streaming business. By the time this type of change would be made, I assume that The CW will be willing to let go of veterans such as Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, while others such as Arrow and The Flash, if still profitable, could join a new network—they should really think about a comic-oriented one—or be picked up by an existing one.

3) How much longer do you think Castle will be on the air?

Castle has inarguably taken a hit in the ratings this year. It is tough to pinpoint exactly how long it will be on, but my guess is one, MAYBE two years. I also think that ABC may try to move it to try to fix the Tuesday at 10 death slot, or they may just play it safe and keep it where it is.

4) Will ABC be willing to break apart its comedy Wednesday or Shonda Thursday next season?

ABC could potentially move a show to Sunday at 9—most likely How to Get Away with Murder—if they absolutely wanted to. But why would they? They have finally fixed their Thursday schedule by sliding Grey’s Anatomy back to the old death slot, while allowing Scandal to launch a show. They could break apart the lineup, but it would be taking a big risk that I don’t endorse.
Wednesday is a little trickier, and depends on how Fresh Off The Boat holds on Tuesday. If it keeps its numbers AND provides respectable ones for Repeat After Me, it should undoubtedly stay there next season to keep Tuesday comedies alive. The problem is, moving The Goldbergs away from the night would be kind of counter-intuitive after its sub-par performance last season on Tuesday, moving Modern Family would significantly lower the night’s average, and moving Blackish anywhere at all would lead to its demise. So unless ABC Studios finds something more promising this pilot season, it shouldn’t be going anywhere. That leaves The Middle. Oh, that poor show, it could very well be sacrificed next season in an ambitious effort to have The Goldbergs lead into a new show. Especially with the prospect of Last Man Standing ending due to cost, I could very well see it moving to Friday. I will wait for another Fresh Off The Boat data point before thinking about editing my fantasy schedule , but an alternative to that would be to have Fresh Off The Boat lead Tuesday, and Shark Tank sliding up to Friday at 8 leading into a new comedy hour anchored by The Middle.

5) With NBC’s scripted average hovering around low 1s right now, how long will it take for them to rebound?

Surely NBC expected this out of The Blacklist, right? Regardless, I would have never expected Allegiance to flop this bad right from the start, and most likely NBC also did not expect the second episode of a new series airing out of their once-big-hit rating below a 1.0. Even the usually-steady Chicago Fire hit a new series low this week after having the misfortune of airing behind two sub-1 comedies. NBC has hit desperation mode now with Heroes:Reborn and talks about resurrecting Law & Order, as well as putting the low-rated summer shows of The Night Shift and Undateable behind the Voice. Based on the performances of State of Affairs and Marry Me, I don’t expect too much of the pushed-up-to-spring shows.


One thought on “Questions of the Week: Week of February 8-13

  1. 2. I don’t know, but I think there will be a major shakeup when the contracts end.
    3. The Castle drop was weird. It started good this season and suddenly just dropped and never came back up. I think that it will move next season, and depending on the ratings maybe one more season. 1-2 years.
    4. I don’t think TGIT should break up. First of all, I don’t think HTGAWM at this point is strong enough to move to Sunday. I don’t know why, but I just get this feeling this is the spot it would get its best ratings. The possibility of TGIT breaking up is the new Shonda drama, but I think that should go to Sunday or Wednesday. As for the comedies, I think FOTB should definitely stay in its slot. I really don’t think The Middle should move. In terms of strength, I see the non-Friday comedies as Modern Family, Middle/Goldbergs, Fresh Off The Boat, Blackish. Now, do you move the weakest one or the stronger ones? I say Blackish because it allows ABC to launch a new comedy after Modern Family. I think it should move to after FOB, and for Friday either LMS, new comedy or two new comedies.
    5. AD should do pretty well because the the Bible did good numbers on a cable network. I’m not sure about Odyssey though. I think it will pull Crisis/Believe numbers. TNS should do decent, probably like 2 weeks in the 2s and later dropping into 1s. I’m not sure about Undateable because it has never had a high leadin. Eventually their scripted average should go up.

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