Show-Specific Questions—Thursday Edition 1

1) Do you agree with the negative reviews for the finale of Two and a Half Men? Also, how loyal have you been to watching the show?

2) What was your favorite scene in How to Get Away with Murder?

3) Although The Blacklist’s ratings are down, has the quality held?

4) Where does The Odd Couple rank amongst the new comedies you’ve watched this season?

5) Which is your favorite Shonda-produced show?


3 thoughts on “Show-Specific Questions—Thursday Edition 1

  1. 2. CICELY TYSON AND VIOLA DAVIS with that awesome scene where she was combing Anna Mae’s hair.
    3. I haven’t watched the recent episode, but I feel that the quality has fallen from the first season.
    4. FOTB-Blackish-Selfie-Cristela-Marry Me-A to Z-The Odd Couple-Bad Judge-MLS-Mulaney Some of these I only watched the pilot.
    5. I don’t really know. I watch Scandal and HTGAWM, but I really don’t know which one.

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    • Thanks for the responses for both these and Questions of the Week. There will be more of the latter tonight around 5pm or so.

      How far into Cristela and Fresh Off the Boat are you? I think both are very good shows, the best new comedies of the season in my opinion.

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      • I’ve watched all of Fresh Off the Boat which I enjoy very much, and like 6 episodes of Cristela. I sometimes watch it before Shark Tank. I like Cristela, but I don’t feel the urge to watch every episode.

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