CBS 2015-2016 Fantasy Schedule—2/10/15

Disclaimer: The new shows listed in the schedule ARE NOT guarantees of the shows which will ultimately be picked up to series unless otherwise specified.


760 Minutes
8-Madam Secretary. Although I originally had this at Friday, I think it does well enough as is compatible with The Good Wife. Once the latter ends, they can shift it to 9pm.
9-The Good Wife. Critically loved. See above.
10-Elementary. Finishes off the night in the tough time slot since essentially it is only still on the schedule for syndication purposes.


8-2 Broke Girls.
8:30-Untitled Jeff Astrof Project. multi-camera comedy about two lifelong best friends who are poised to become successful restaurateurs – if they can keep from killing each other. Although I would like to pair 2 Broke Girls with Mom, it is too risky to launch two new comedies side-by-side.
9-Scorpion. One of the only new shows CBS has found success in, and I think keeping it here will be the smartest thing they can do considering that it holds up well against The Voice.
10-NCIS:LA. Although theoretically I would like an NCIS-themed night, I don’t see it happening, at least not next year. If they wanted to do it they would have moved Person of Interest this year and slid LA back an hour to sandwich in NO’s S1.

NOTE: From September-November, The Big Bang Theory and The Odd Couple will air 8-9.


10-Austen’s Razor. drama about a brilliant bioethicist called in at crisis moments to solve the most complicated, dynamic and confounding medical issues imaginable.


9-Criminal Minds
10-Criminal Minds Spinoff. Give it a compatible leadin.


8-The Big Bang Theory
8:30-The Odd Couple. Protect the show to be the next hit.
9-Joe Time*. comedy about a family man who struggles with the fact that everyone around him is pursuing their dreams and enjoying life more than he is – but who ultimately realizes he has everything he’s ever wanted. Could benefit from two good lead ins in a row.
*Formerly titled The Good Life, so I did not make changes to this time slot.
9:30-Mom. Can stand on its own, and seeing that it will finish the 2014-2015 season here, give it some stability for once and provide a decent lead in to…
10-Supergirl. small screen take on the DC Comics heroine – Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El – who’s been hiding the powers she shares with her famous cousin; but now at age 24, she decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and be the hero she was always meant to be. Already has a series commitment.


8-Person of Interest. This slot is my strongest bet right now, but it could also go Sunday at 10 or get The Mentalist’s treatment. After the CSI news I am very confident this show will return, but there are many possibilities when it comes to a time slot.
9-Hawaii 5-0. I have decided to retract my statement that Hawaii 5-0 will be cancelled and instead move it up to renewed. Truth is, it does very well in syndication, is compatible with Blue Bloods, and will probably still rate higher than a new show or Madam Secretary will.
10-Blue Bloods


-The Amazing Race, to take the place of Wednesday at 8 between Survivor cycles.
Of course, there will be more midseason shows…


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