Ratings and Analysis, Week of 3/2

First, I would like to apologize for the fact that I have been unable to post Thursday and Friday ratings analysis last week. I have both written up but have had difficulties loading. If anyone wants to see them, please leave a comment and I will put it there. For the sake of time, the ratings will simply be imbedded in the analysis this week.


-There were three series premieres, all of which pulled drastically different numbers. Surprisingly, The Last Man on Earth had a 2.3 rating, steady in both half-hours, which is about a ratings point above mine and others predictions. Stay tuned to see if it can sneak its way onto next season’s schedule. Secrets & Lies premiered to a 1.5 rating, and stayed steady in both hours. Althoufh low for a series premiere, perhaps this means it already has a loyal fan base. Finally, CBS premiered Battle Creek at 10pm, possibly the worst spot it has to offer, and as such it premiered to a 1.0

-It is also notable that The Last Man On Earth grew half a ratings point out of the incredibly unstable Brooklyn 9-9 (1.8) which in turn tied its lead-in, The Simpsons. At the 7:30 timeslot which it started off the season in, Bob’s Burgers had a 1.4 rating, which given the time slot is a very respectable rating.

-It should be worth mentioning that Secrets & Lies dropped 0.7 from its lead-in, a 2.2 from the midseason premiere of Once Upon a Time. Next week, Secrets & Lies will be on from 9-10, with Revenge airing after.

-CBS has never really been known for its Sunday night performances this season. A 7pm telecast of 60 Minutes was actually its highest rated show of the night, with a 1.6. After, Madam Secretary’s midseason premiere had a 1.3 rating, and The Good Wife fell even more from that to a 1.1. If I was a fan, I would start getting worried, especially since it is already certain that low-rated shows such as Madam Secretary and Elementary will be on the schedule.P


-The Night Shift continues to disappoint, with a 1.4 out of The Voice’s 3.9. If I was running NBC, it would be swapped with Chicago PD by now.

-An all-new episode of Mike & Molly was the highest-rated scripted show of the night, getting a 2.2 rating out of a 1.9 lead-in from a rerun of The Big Bang Theory. It was CBS’ only new show of the night, and proved that it can easily stand alone.

-The season premiere of The Following had a 1.6 rating, out of Gotham’s 2.0. The true test is where it stabilizes. If my predictions are correct, then only one of The Following and Sleepy Hollow will return next season, which is why I theorize Sleep Hollow has not been issued a renewal yet.

-ABC ran an episode of The Bachelor at 8, which had a 2.4 rating. Secrets & Lies aired a rerun out of it, which is not the first time ABC has rerun an episode at a special time the week after its premiere.


-Chicago Fire rebounded to a 2.1 rating this week, out of The Voice’s 4.1, which was up slightly from the Monday telecast. This made Chicago Fire NBC’s top scripted show of the week. Good for the show, bad for the network.

-ABC’s latest family sitcom Fresh Off the Boat dipped to a 1.7, which led into a typical 1.2 for Repeat After Me. I have decided that the former will likely be renewed, while the latter is a toss-up. After, the midseason premiere of SHIELD had a 1.6 rating, continuing to provide solid, but regardless mediocre, numbers. Forever finished off the night with a low 1.0 rating. On the bright side, it is still a significant improvment over the 0.6 Mind Games had this time last season.

-Hell’s Kitchen had a 1.4 rating, a little below what MasterChef Junior has been doing after taking over for a very low-rated Utopia. The comedies saw more of the same, with New Girl at a 1.3 and The Mindy Project at 1.0.


-Somehow, Empire has not yet run out of all the viewers that oreviously DVRd the show, rising another four tenths to a 5.8. Off the top of my head this is the highest rating a regular airing of a scripted show has done since The Big Bang Theory in fall 2013. Preceeding Empire was American Idol, which was affected by a rerun of The Voice. Both had a 2.1 rating.

-ABC’s comedies continue to do well, with The Middle’s 2.2 tying for first place in the time slot, while The Goldbergs had a 2.5 rating, winning the time slot. This may indicate that The Goldbergs picked up more regular viewers through last week’s episode. Modern Family also remained even at a 3.4, followed by Blackish at a 2.3. Nashville finished off ABC’s night with a 1.4.

-Survivor had a 2.3 rating, enough to let it beat both The Voice and American Idol. This led to a 1.9 rating from Criminal Minds, which is steady with recent airings but down significantly from previous years. The series premiere of CSI:Cyber had a 1.8 rating, above all of this season’s airings of its parent show. Only time will tell where it stabilizes and which CSI show, if either, will be renewed.

-The CW aired a new episode of The 100, which had its typical 0.5 rating.


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