Welcome to The TV Ratings Guide

I created this site as a database to my passion for television ratings, which I follow in my free time. On the site you will find features such as: -A quick explanation behind the television ratings industry. -Predictions for future ratings of select shows. -Five weekly questions, written by myself, pertaining to the television news and ratings industry, and my answers. The questions can also be found weekly on the ‘Thursday Final Ratings’ post of the ratings site TV By The Numbers. -Occasional questions with the purpose of sparking discussion for TV shows. -Fantasy schedules for all five networks -Renewal Predictions -Weekly ratings and analysis for your favorite broadcast shows If the menu does not appear on your screen, click “Navigation” and a list should drop down from the top. Thanks! PLEASE let me know if there is a formatting issue on any page. The WordPress app I use to make most of my edits has been updated and has some glitches. _______________________________________________________________________________